In 1997 our founders had the vision to bring a taste of Germany to old town Ellicott City.  Since then Richard Winter and Timothy Kendzirski have dedicated their professional lives to expanding that dream by brewing the finest beers creating the finest culinary wares from influences and ingrediants that quite literally span the globe.  We have been blessed with creating a community

of friends in the process.  Dwayne Bouvere our General manager has been the the restaraunt business over 20 years.  Ray Andressan our Master Brewer has been brewing locally for over a decade and ours walls are filled with medals bestowed upon his artform.

8308 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD

Our Story

Customer Raves

"Howard Countys Best Brewery"

        -Howard Magazine 1997-2015


"50 Best Bars in Maryland"

        -Baltimore Magazine

"The brewpub is called Ellicott Mills. Beers include a refreshing, dryish, Hell, with a good balance of spicy hop and light but firm maltiness; a flowery Pils; a nutty Märzen; a complex Dunkel (my favorite); and, at the time of my recent visit, a Holiday Bock with a suggestion of sambuca. "  

          -Michael Jackson "the Beer Hunter"